Lucy Art

Large works on canvas

Doorway Within

  • Acrylics on stretched canvas
  • 37” x 43”
  • 95cm x 110cm
  • Completed July 2016
  • Price £850

This painting came through after a visit to the Zagori National Park in the north west Pindos mountains of Greece. Before visiting Zagori I had journeyed to ask for a healing ceremony for a small town on Lefkas island where I live that I was told in the journey needed to be healed before anywhere else on the island could improve. I was told to collect water from a spring to use in the healing ceremony. The water was to be sprinkled around the town from which much negative energy was emanating. I had not visited Zagori before and so didn’t know of any springs, though I knew there were many in the area. I was told I would be guided to the right one, and indeed I was. We had to walk for about 30 minutes through a small mountain village with narrow steep streets and along a footpath carrying water tanks. It was a beautiful place and the spring turned out to be dedicated to Saint Pantelaemon who is a Greek Orthodox saint of healing. The doorway represents a way into the inner worlds. And the landscapes around are visual memories of the stunning Zagori National Park and my mystical experience there.


  • Acrylics on stretched canvas
  • 30” x 35.5”
  • 76cm x 91cm
  • Completed January 2016
  • Price £650

All life is circular. According to sacred geometry the circle is the primary shape, all life comes from a sphere, an egg. The egg-like clusters of circles reminded me of the first stages of embryonic development after conception, which is also corresponds to the formation of the ‘seed of life’ in sacred geometry.

Let The Light In

  • Triptych Acrylics on stretched canvas
  • Overall dimension
  • 47” x 70”
  • 120cm x 180cm
  • Completed Sept 2016
  • Price £1,450

Painted during that year’s glorious autumn. Days of mellow sunshine and bizarre seedheads. It’s that moment when the first rays of the rising sun reach your retina. That split second image of fractal colours and the magenta plume of the sun’s rays before the world around you is flooded with sunlight.

Who Do You Think You Are

  • Acrylics on stretched canvas
  • 31.52” x 39”
  • 80cm x 100cm
  • Completed January 2016
  • Price £800

This painting was a breakthrough for me. The white peacock, like it’s the load call of it’s physical counterpart, screamed at me to be painted. I even had my brush loaded with the royal blue of a regular peacock. The titles of my paintings are similarly intuitive; this title could be the question demanded by the territorial herons of the haughty peacock and vice versa but it could equally be a rhetorical question, a prompt for self reflection, posed to the viewer; Who do you think you are?

The Gathering

  • Acrylics on stretched canvas
  • 39” x 39”
  • 100cm x 100cm
  • Completed January 2016
  • Price £850

Star brothers and sisters gather for a momentous occasion. Light beings from many dimensions, solar systems and universes come together united in their love for life and creativity and to celebrate life in all it’s diversity.

Wired To The World

  • Acrylics on paper mounted on cradled board
  • 28.5” x 21.5”
  • 73cm x 55cm
  • Completed August 2016
  • Price £320

Is what we see out there or within us? This painting is about our energetic connection to everything. We are literally ‘wired to the world’.

When She Fell

  • Acrylics on stretched canvases
  • 37” x 31”
  • 95cm x 80cm
  • Completed January 2016
  • Price £820

This painting is describing a moment in the Gnostic creation myth, as translated by John Lamb Lash from the scrolls of the Nag Hammadi library discovered in 1947. Gaia Sophia is an Aeon, a generator, who with her Aeon partner Christos, dreamed humanity into
existence. She was so in love with their creation that she accidently fell from the ‘Pleroma’ the galactic core. It was a unique and bizarre event which culminated in her becoming the planet Earth or Gaia. Upon this moment of becoming physicality her planetary body give a creatively chaotic birth to of all kinds of life.

The Changeling

  • Acrylics on stretched canvas
  • 37.5” x 39.5”
  • 96cm x 101cm
  • Completed august 2015
  • Price £950

This painting began as another. Underneath her is a completed painting of a vase of flowers but I wasn’t happy with it. A serendipitous event showed me that this portrait wanted to emerge and merge instead. She has a strange defiant, wary and vulnerable look in her eyes that took a lot of time to capture correctly.