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About Me



Hi, my name is Lucy and I am an artist, a painter mostly. I was born in the the south of England in 1966. As a child I loved to draw, paint, eat crisps and make models of animals from Daz clay. My mum used to send me out into the field next to our house in North Yorkshire to draw the sheep and cows – thanks Mum! it was good training.

I began my serious art schooly type art explorations in the medium of stained glass and warm glass back in the ’80’s and ’90’s. I went to art school to study fashion design, then an art foundation and finally specialised in architectural stained glass. Soon after art school I had my two beautiful children but still managed to paint, take on some glass commissions and explore the medium of warm glass in my spare time. Since then I’ve lived a varied and full life, experiencing many unexpected changes and shifts in focus. What always remained steady was my love of creativity, healing and spirituality.

I had a long break from art making whilst living on a boat in the Mediterranean and later starting a small business in Greece making boat covers. It was fun and lucrative for a while but one day I was compelled to let go of all that nautical business stuff and go back to art making because I just couldn’t deny the need to be creatively free a moment longer. I am now dedicated to making art and healing my life’s work whilst exploring ways to combine the two paths.

I closed the business but I did stay in Greece…. because it’s sunny….. and the sea is warm…and I feel nice here. I live in an old house on a small island full of art and music surrounded by turquoise sea. I share my life with a lovely Greek man, 3 dogs, 2 cats and 2 chickens.



I need to be creative, I know, all artists say that, but it’s true. I love colour, I mean really love it, that’s why I specialised in glass all those years ago; it’s pure coloured light. I love beauty and beautiful things. I love to create beautiful art and I get such a buzz from the creative process (even though it’s seldom easy) I also feel the need to communicate a deep spiritual message to assist in awakening the powerful human spirit. I get bored if I just make pretty pictures and I’m not interested in painting things to look like they are. I’m inspired by using colour, form and texture as a vehicle to convey a message or feeling, even if it’s a subconscious one.

I also really enjoy the ‘craft’ of making a painting, it’s a bit like sculpting. My process and content revolves and evolves regularly, and I’m always experimenting with new ways (to me) to use the mediums . At the moment I’m in love with acrylics, especially fluid acrylics and acrylic inks, because they dry quickly. This enables me to work on several paintings at once, rotating them whilst the previous layer dries…plus acrylics don’t smell! I adore the effects of layering that fluids and inks facilitate, there are endless possibilities. I also love oil pastels because of their instant buttery rich colours and the way they blend together when I squidge them with my fingers, or scratch back into them . One day I’d like to try out resin. Oils are gorgeous too, I used to use them all the time, I’d use oils again but I’d need a bigger studio to hang them all whilst they dried…and good ventilation because they smell.




1987  Wrexham College of Art and Design HND Architectural Stained Glass

1986  Hastings College of Art and Design Art Foundation

1982  Plymouth College of Art and Design Degree in Fashion Design Solo

Solo Exhibitions

2016  ‘Fantastic Worlds’  Theodorus Stamou Hall, Lefkada

Group Exhibitions

2002 Ongoing exhibition. Canterbury Art Gallery. Glass dishes.

2001 Christmas Exhibition, Rye Art Gallery. Glass dishes. Nine Days Sculpture Walk and Exhibition, Rye, East Sussex. Stained Glass installation. Rye Treasury, glass dishes and paintings.

1999 Hastings Artists, Hastings. Amatuer art show. Paintings.

1998 Crescent Gallery, Hastings. Paintings.

1995 Beckley Artists, Beckley Village Hall. Stained Glass lamps.


1995  Peasmarsh WI, Making A Stained Glass Window

Selected Bibliography

2016   My Lefkada

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