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Alongside my painting I also offer my skill as an animal communicator. Since a child I have had the ability to ‘feel’ and communicate with the intelligence in all things from plants and animals to mountains and cities. I am a ‘sensitive’ and I have a great love for all living creatures and the planet Earth we call home. This intelligence will communicate when listened to. I am not special, we all have this ability, but for some reason mine was heightened from an early age. The animals I chat with are invariably wise intelligent beings who offer profound insights into our human existence and the nature of reality.

I can tune into an animal anywhere in the world, even a deceased animal. I have spoken to dogs and cats in the US, a cat in Japan and many in the UK, all from my studio in Greece. Distance is irrelevant. I have also worked on finding lost animals although this work is notoriously difficult with a low success rate. With lost animals time is of the essence. Health issues, on the other hand, are very successful. Often the animal knows what it needs to regain it’s health or at least make itself as comfortable as possible if it is near the time to transition. I use a gestalt method to project my consciousness inside the animal’s body, whilst maintaining communication with that animal. Behavioural issues are also considerably helped, although keep in mind that you, as the guardian, may also need to change certain behaviours.

All I need to connect is a good photograph with the animal looking directly into the camera. When I say a ‘good’ photograph I mean a clear, well lit, close-up image. such as the photos below. Please make sure only one animal is in the photo. With horses and birds a side view photo is fine.

Photo by Kat Jayne

Photo by Kat Jayne


The fee is £80 per session, and questions are limited to 3 per session. After the initial request I will need a photo and before you pay anything I will tune into the animal and make contact. I will then email you describing the animal, and any other general information, so that we can both be sure I have made a true connection.

Then if you wish to go ahead with the session, you will transfer the payment through Paypal and email me the questions you want to ask and I will connect again. I will everything down in an email and we can discuss the communication.

Please use the contact page in the navigation bar to book a session or ask for more information.


“ Lucy Jordan is amazing at communicating with animals .. even far away she was spot on and helped our Olive out quite a bit.”

Teresa Margaret Schultz, USA

“Lucy communicated with my cats Evie and Edie, two sisters adopted from a rescue centre as tiny kittens. They had been fighting quite " lot, and I was interested, and a little concerned, and wondered if Lucy could receive anything from them. They showed Lucy how they are (as I suspected) acting a little like typical teenage sisters, disagreeing at times and getting on each otherʼs nerves, but nothing to worry about. I found this very reassuring and I would highly recommend Lucyʼs intuitive skills in this work.”

Mary Lunnen, Dare to Blossom, UK

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