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Born in Dorset, England Lucy's fascination with art began as a small child and grew into a love affair with light and colour. After completing an art foundation course at Hastings Art College she decided to study stained glass as she thought this was the purest form of light and colour. She graduated from Wrexham College of Art and Design with an HND in Architectural Stained Glass. She has successfully exhibited and her glasswork and paintings are in private collections throughout Europe, Australia and America, including the home of former Beatle, Paul McCartney.

She now lives on Lefkada island in Greece with her partner and collection of rescued dogs and cats. She paints full time and teaches on-line. She also enjoys singing and playing the flute in the Liquid Lake Band.

Artist’s Statement:

I need to be creative (I know, all artists say that) but it's true. I love colour, I mean really love it; that's why I specialised in glass all those years ago, it's pure coloured light. I love beauty and beautiful things. I love the creative process (even though it's not always easy) I also feel the need to communicate a profound spiritual message to humanity. I get bored if I just make pretty pictures, and I'm not interested in painting things to look like they are. I'm inspired by using colour, form and texture as a vehicle to convey a message or a feeling, even if it's a subconscious one. 

I love the land and nature so much, it just makes my heart sing, and I want to share that love through my paintings. I feel humanity, on the whole, has forgotten it’s connection to the earth. It’s imperative that we reconnect and become conscious stewards of the planet again. I really hope my artwork ignites a spark within the viewer, and even fan the flames of passion for all life.

I also really enjoy the 'craft' of making a painting. My process evolves regularly, and I'm always experimenting in new ways (to me) in using the mediums . I constantly explore ways to apply the paint i order to allow the paint to paint itself. I love acrylics, especially fluid acrylics and acrylic inks, because it dries quickly so I can work on several paintings at once. I adore the effects of layering that fluids and inks facilitate, there are endless possibilities. I also love oil pastels because of their instant buttery rich colours and the way they blend together when I squidge them with my fingers, or scratch back into them . I will go back to oils one day, I used to paint exclusively in oils but right now acrylics are my choice.



1987        Wrexham College of Art and Design HND Architectural Stained Glass 

1986        Hastings College of Art and Design Art Foundation

1982        Plymouth College of Art and Design Degree in Fashion Design  

Solo Exhibitions;

2017 “Dreamtime"‘ Theodoros Stamos Hall, Lefkada

2016       'Fantastic Worlds'  Theodoros Stamou Hall, Lefkada

Group Exhibitions;

2018 Hope Anchor Art Hotel, Rye, East Sussex, Uk

2018 Ethel Love’s Me gallery, Rye, East Sussex, Uk

2002        Canterbury Art Gallery. Glass dishes. 

2001         Christmas Exhibition, Rye Art Gallery. Glass dishes.

2001        Nine Days Sculpture Walk and Exhibition, Rye, East Sussex. Stained Glass installation.

2001       Rye Treasury, glass dishes and paintings.               

1999         Hastings Artists, Hastings.

1998         Crescent Gallery, Hastings. Paintings.

1995         Beckley Artists, Beckley Village Hall. Stained Glass lamps.


1995       Peasmarsh WI, Making A Stained Glass Window

Selected Bibliography;

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Paint Your Heart & Soul- Online collaboration 2019

Paint Your Heart & Soul- Online collaboration 2018