Born in Dorset, England Lucy's fascination with art began as a small child and grew into a love affair with light and colour. After completing an art foundation course at Hastings Art College she decided to study stained glass as she thought this was the purest form of light and colour. She graduated from Wrexham College of Art and Design with an HND in Architectural Stained Glass. She has successfully exhibited and her glasswork and paintings are in private collections throughout Europe, Australia and America, including the home of former Beatle, Paul McCartney.

“if my paintings could touch people on an energetic level, an emotional/spiritual level in a way that fanned the spark of the true hue-man spirit that lies within each one of us, then I would feel that my job was well done. I want to people to feel good, feel happy, when they view my paintings”

She now lives on Lefkada island in Greece with her partner and collection of rescued dogs and cats. She currently is not working with glass but paints full time. She also enjoys singing and playing the flute .

My Why

I love to create, I love light, I love colour, I love the inner and outer natural world. I am driven to alleviate suffering - mine own and others. My intention is to invite others to feel the beauty within and without through art.


Animal Chatz

Alongside my painting I also offer my skill as an animal communicator and pet portrait artist. Since a child I have had the ability to ‘feel’ the intelligence in all things and have a great love for all living creatures. The intelligence will communicate when listened to, we all have this ability, but for some reason mine was heightened. With a good photo of the animal I can tune in to them and communicate. They are invariably wise intelligent beings.

My animal portraits are said to be uncannily alive, as if I had managed to portray the soul of the animal.

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